Estrella Green make Frog Capital the CEO’s VC

Frog is the CEO’s VC, a leading European growth-stage software VC with a strategy based on selecting the best scale-up phase investments and empowering technology CEOs to grow fast with capital, network and support. Frog focus on ensuring long-term commercial success for each and every business in which they invest.

When we first engaged with the team at Frog, they were looking for help with bringing brand clarity and marketing structure around their investment strategy. The challenge was to establish a unique positioning that set them apart from other venture capital firms and then to implement this effectively to establish long-term market share.

Frog already had a distinctive internal working approach to help them bring professional structure to growing businesses. By productising this as the Frog Capital Scale-Up Methodology and declaring Frog the CEO’s VC, Estrella Green have significantly raised Frog’s profile in their industry and carved out a unique positioning for them.

The key to this has been strong implementation, communicating their market-leading methodology through structured social media campaigns, thought leadership and personal brand building to reinforce their positioning.

Frog Capital
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